• Category : SERVICE
RRI provides infrared surveys for roof systems as an investigative and diagnostic tool to further assist our clients. Infrared surveys are used to identify areas where moisture has infiltrated the roof system. These surveys can be provided as a stand-alone service or incorporated into a more in-depth roof assessment that accompanies a daytime visual review of the roof and conditions.


  • Roof areas are scanned with a hand-held infrared camera or infrared drone technology
  • Conditions are photo documented (infrared and digital)
  • Areas that are suspected to contain wet insulation are marked with a highly visible spray paint and numbered sequentially
    • Core test cuts and/or moisture meter probes are taken as necessary to confirm the camera readings
  • Confirmed areas of wet insulation are marked on a roof plan for reference, placed on to a CAD drawing, and the total amount of wet insulation is calculated
  • Client is provided with an overview of the findings along with a roof plan


  • Provides insights as to whether a roof system can be restored versus replaced
  • Identifies minor issues in the roof system that can be addressed before they become serious and more costly to repair
  • Level I Certified Thermographer on staff
  • RRI utilizes our own in-house equipment