• Category : SERVICE
RRI develops the specific project requirements and prepares bidding documents for our clients to use for procurement. These documents allow for competitive pricing and a defined standard for contractors to adhere to once construction commences.


  • RRI develops project magnitude and scope
  • RRI selects a new building enclosure system or repair effort that meets the project needs and budget
  • Assistance in selecting the appropriate project delivery method
  • Multiple design stages (schematic design, design development, construction documents) to fully develop the project and allow for revisions based on input and comments from the client as appropriate
  • Ensure project compliance with local codes and FM requirements (where applicable)
  • Evaluation of structural elements pertaining to the project, if necessary
  • Preparation of complete bidding documents including:
    • Procurement and project requirements if required by the client
    • Written technical specifications
    • Construction drawings, including keyed roof plans and construction details
    • Delivery of final construction documents to be used for bid (these documents can be stamped/sealed as required)
  • Project design is completed in-house by our design team comprised of a Registered Roof Consultant (RRC), Registered Roof Observer (RRO), and Professional Engineer (P.E.)


  • Consistent project requirements, by providing “apples to apples” bid submission by contractors
  • Provides a standard for contractors during construction to meet client requirements
  • Management of the A/E design responsibilities in a design-bid-build atmosphere