• Category : SERVICE
RRI provides our clients with construction administration support throughout all stages of the project. This includes on-site roof observation, in a full-time or part-time capacity, for the duration of the project. With this unique service, our clients can be confident that all CA aspects of the project will be handled competently and procedurally.


  • Assistance during the bid process:
    • Conduct pre-bid
    • Pre-procurement RFI review and response
    • Qualify contractors
  • Review and approval of submittals, including technical data sheets and SDS information, shop drawings, schedules, etc.
  • Assistance with project setup and logistics
  • Conduct pre-construction meetings to coordinate between contractor and on-site personnel
  • Ongoing project support with routine progress meetings
  • On-site inspection of the work
  • Final inspection and generation of punch list ensures compliance with project requirements
  • Review and acceptance of close out documents
  • Development of As-Built drawings


  • Assurance that materials used meet the specifications and project design
  • RRI serves as client’s advocate during construction
  • Non-compliant work can be immediately observed and reported