• Category : SERVICE
RRI has the capability and experience necessary to evaluate all types of roof and building enclosure systems. Once RRI’s assessment and investigation is complete, we provide our clients with a detailed report which can then be used for effective operational and financial planning.


  • Conduct interviews with both the client and on-site building personnel to identify any known issues with the existing system
  • Review available information in the existing system (warranties, as-builts, leak history, etc.)
  • Perform an on-site visual evaluation with photo documentation of the existing system and components
  • Perform an infrared scan of the existing system, when necessary
  • Core test cuts and/or moisture probes are taken where needed
  • Develop field drawings
  • Provide our client with a full condition assessment report including:
    • Findings and and recommendations for repair/replacement
    • Representative photos of roof overview, components, and defects
    • Recommendations and budgets (Long-term and short-term budget forecasts)
    • Scaled field drawings reproduced in AutoCAD


  • Enables our client to be aware of the condition of their valuable asset
  • Assessment information is useful for decision-making when buying or selling a building
  • Provides vital information for long-term operational and financial planning